Private Investment Opportunities

The Restaurant Business Group (RBG) is not a franchisor. No investor is buying RBG’s business model – including the brand, products, services, and processes – but investing in the company to generate future income or to generate more income short term.

Before you contact us, here’s more information about how and why to invest in the Restaurant Business Group and what to expect.

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A Guide to Invest in RBG

Restaurant Business Group (RBG) creates modern eatery concepts, sustainable casual, and upscale restaurants focused on excellent service, quality food, and memorable experiences. Aiming for sustainable growth & success in our operation, RBG engages with value-add stakeholders to provide operations, mixology, culinary, technology, and nightlife expertise.

RBG looks for investors who want to partner with us to create lively eateries that place equal importance on their involvement in the communities to ensure sustainable growth, which is important to the ongoing success and longevity of our brands.

Opening a restaurant requires a lot of financing and involves substantial risk, which is why many RBG brings investors on board. The company looks for investors who can help bring our vision to life and elevate our business, as well as partner with industry experts who can tap into their wealth of industry knowledge.


  1. Our vision begins with unique concepts for our brands. We are reinventing the food, but we offer a new take that goes beyond the food and develops a clear vision and unique customer journey.
  2. RBG’s investors can take a hands-on approach to the operation of the restaurant they fund.
  3. Typically, RBG’s investors are expected to receive a return of 20%-25% on their investment or a higher return of around 40% in some cases.
  4. RBG builds leading brands. Our social impact is a factor that should be considered. RBG aims to create brands that support the “Third Place” movement. Our locations are meant to be places to have a good time and build relationships with consumers who support ethical and sustainable businesses.

Crowdfunding investors

  1. Those who become crowdfunding investors in RBG investing small sums through different digital venues can get returns from shares in case of business acquisitions and IPOs, and dividends from annual profits once the business succeeds.
  2. They will become holders of ownership rights by purchasing shares and can expect returns on their investments. Their shares are protected according to the Regulation Crowdfunding that enables eligible companies to offer and sell securities through crowdfunding. All transactions under Regulation Crowdfunding take place online through an SEC-registered intermediary, either a broker-dealer or a funding portal. More information here.
  3. Securities purchased in a crowdfunding transaction cannot be resold for one year. More information here.


  • Kickstarter: Specializes in creative projects with a robust reward-level feature.
  • Indiegogo: An American crowdfunding website founded in 2008. The Indiegogo community has helped bring more than 800,000 innovative ideas to life.
  • StartEngine: It allows startups and investors to find their perfect fit.

Basically, there are two paths. First, equity investors will earn money from dividends once the restaurant is profitable. A portion of the profits will be divided among shareholders. Second, investors can earn money when they sell their shares.

Typically, our angel investors can aim to receive a return of 20%-25% in their investment. Venture capitalists who will invest in our projects early on can aim for a higher return of around 40% since they are contributing during the development stage and taking on more risk.

Angel investors will expect a 20-25% return while venture capitalists who take on more of the risk will be looking for around a 40% return.

They will be able to see a clear outline for these four main areas: our vision, our management, the store economics, and our social impact.

A restaurant investor with a proven track record can help your business overcome obstacles. RBG looks for investors who want to be partners and not just investors.

We look for investors who will be able to use their experience and connections to problem-solve and take our business models to the next level.

Transparency plays a large role in our company. We excel in creating and maintaining positive relationships with investors.

Pedro Penalver,
Restaurant Business Group Founder & CEO

700 S Rosemary Ave Suite 204, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 385-6547