Hospitality Consulting Services

Consulting services and assistance to developers, owners, and operators

Restaurant Business Group (RBG) provides hospitality consulting services and assistance to developers, owners, and operators seeking assistance. Our team is available to work independently on assignments, or can be organized as a team or task force to achieve the greatest possible results for our clients.

Helping companies navigate change

We are focused exclusively on the food and drink industry. Our expertise, extensive knowledge, and local market knowledge allow us to assist you with anything from a feasibility study when planning to build or buy a property to advising on an exit strategy. Our services include:

  1. Digital deployment

  2. Growth Strategy

  3. Recruitment and retention

  4. Branding and creating a new market

  5. Increasing productivity

  6. Managing competition

  7. Dealing with innovation and technology disruptions

  8. Decreasing the cost

RBG’s hospitality consulting services are built for simplicity and ease of use, providing immediate insights and lasting solutions to restaurateurs.

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Restaurant Management tools

Here is a look at the services we will cover as part of our hospitality consulting services for restaurants:

  1. Restaurant Mission Statement and Strategy
  2. Managing Restaurant Operations and Production
  3. Food and Beverage Considerations
  4. Understand the Customer Experience
  5. How to Produce a Great Customer Experience As a Restaurant Manager
  6. Managing Your Employees
  7. Hire the Right Staff
  8. Train Staff Well
  9. Clearly Define Employee Roles to Ensure Smooth Restaurant Operations
  10. Release Work Schedules in a Timely Manner
  11. Finances
  12. Understand Your Cash Flow
  13. Create a Cash Flow Forecast For Your Business
  14. Marketing Your Restaurant to Boost Sales
  15. What Do You Want Your Marketing to Achieve?
  16. Who is Your Marketing Aimed At?
  17. What is Your Offer?
  18. How Can You Measure Your Marketing ROI?
  19. Standard Operating Procedures
  20. Tips on How to Create Standard Operating Procedures
Restaurant Management Responsibilities